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Become a coach video Journey


We are very happy to share with you an overview of what its like to be an Engage & Grow Coach. This journey is designed so you can explore the business opportunity  for becoming an Engage & Grow Coach. Like many other coaches, you can help us build on the vision of creating a workforce fully engaged worldwide!

Over the different sections you will find answers to the questions you may have about the model, and if after watching the videos, you feel like you may have what it takes to join our team, just have to fill out the form in the last section.

So please, enjoy the videos, and for now, we will start with a brief message from our Engage & Grow founder, Richard Maloney.

What is E&G?

Why did you create E&G?

What is the E&G Vision?

What does E&G teach?

Why do coaches buy into the E&G program?

Why does the E&G Culture help business owners?

Why would someone invest in E&G?

What techniques are used in E&G?

How do these techniques help business owners?

Who does the Coach work in the Company?

What different programs are available?

How do the Coaches find new clients?

What is the benefit of being an E&G Coach?

What support do I get?

What are the risks of an E&G Coach?

Why be an E&G Coach?


Support & Services

Investment Modalities

Brett Odgers, Australia

Marvin Suwarso, Indonesia

Joanna Martorana

Yunita Taniwangsa, Indonesia

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No, every new coach, consultant, HR, L&D Manager / Coordinator must become certified and licensed to be able to get access to our IP and join our global community.  Please contact the team today for more information.
For now, the Coach is our CEO & Founder, Richard Maloney, eventually there will be other certified Coaches who will be responsible for E&G trainings in the future.
Not necessarily, E&G has a global alliance with the Business Coaching franchise, ActionCOACH, that’s why you will notice that some of the ActionCOACHes are also certified as E&G Coaches, but E&G is designed so that anyone interested in improving its regional workforce, can do it, once that person do the training.
When you acquire a license from E&G, we provide you an extensive training and continuous support to ensure that you receive all the necessary tools to deliver our programs accurately and effectively. We provide you all the necessary material for your success, from sales and marketing to legal documents. You will have access to our global network of coaches, with whom you can communicate regularly regardless of where you are. You will also have access to our ‘Dashboard’, where everything is detailed for our coaches, making sure you are armed and ready to take every step of our programs with ease.
please contact us on one of the website forms to find out
In addition to the investment according to the appropriate model for you, you must contemplate the expenses of your trip, that is tickets, transportation, lodging and food.